EnOcean Alliance and Aruba – A Strong Partnership

The EnOcean Alliance and Aruba collaborate to open up new opportunities for hyperaware Smart Buildings and accurate Digital Twins.

When used together, the Aruba Wi-Fi infrastructure and EnOcean energy harvesting wireless solutions enable customers to create hyperaware smart buildings that are cognizant of, and responsive to, their changing operating environment and occupant needs.

The simplicity of the solution makes it now possible for the facility, IT and other managers to easily and immediately add services, collecting data from “peel and stick” sensors across an entire building without pulling any new cables nor ever having to change a battery. This information can be used to better model cloud-based digital twins, and to optimize human activity monitoring, organizational redesign, augmented reality, human productivity, and occupant health and safety.

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Info Sheets & White Paper

Documents, Info Sheets and White Papers about Smart Spaces and Homes from Aruba & EnOcean Alliance

Info Sheet

Feeding Wi-Fi Access Points 

Info Sheet

When Building Speak - We Listen

Info Sheet

Wireless & Self-Powered Applications

Info Sheet

EnOcean and Aruba Controller Guide

White Paper

Designing Hyper-Aware Smart Buildings

Wireless Sensor Applications

EnOcean Alliance Member Solutions + Aruba Access Points


Sensor: PIR Motion/ Occupancy

Sensor: Vibration/ Accelerometer

Sensor: People Counter (+ algorithm)


Sensors: Temperature, CO2, Humidity

Sensor: PIR Motion / Occupancy

Sensor: Vibration/ Accelerometer


Sensors: Door (Entry & Stall), Vibration/ Accelerometer


Sensors: Temperature, PIR Motion/ Occupancy

Sensor: CT Clamp Current/ kWh


Sensor: Water Leakage


Video Tutorials

IoT Starter Kit

EnOcean IoT demo kit for Aruba

Aruba ESP and IoT

Aruba and EnOcean - the secure connection of IT and IoT

IoT sensors from EnOcean and the Wi-Fi Access Points from Aruba make your office space smart in no time.

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