Smart Homes

Smart homes by the EnOcean radio standard offer a range of benefits that enhance comfort, security, and sustainability.

A smart home based on the EnOcean radio standard enables connected living by allowing devices to communicate and interact with each other. Professionally installed solutions utilizing EnOcean technology offer a wide range of features and benefits, including Automated Controls, Energy Harvesting, Comfort and Convenience, and Enhanced Security.

The wireless nature of EnOcean technology simplifies installation and retrofitting, making it suitable for various types of homes and projects. Its scalability allows homeowners to start with basic features and expand their smart home capabilities over time, adapting to evolving needs and technologies.

Additionally, the flexibility and scalability of EnOcean technology make it suitable for both new constructions and retrofit projects. Its wireless nature simplifies installation and enables easy expansion or modification of smart home systems over time.

Overall, EnOcean solutions provide an efficient and sustainable foundation for smart homes, enhancing comfort and security while reducing energy consumption and carbon footprint.



The following infographics were created by EnOcean Alliance Smart Home Tasking Group to depict how technology, automation, and innovation are impacting the commercial and corporate.


Smart Homes

Smart Homes

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