Home and Building Automation Solutions for House Owners

Flexibility, cost and energy savings for building owners, facility managers and private consumers

There is now increasing focus on the energy consumed by heating, air-conditioning and lighting in commercial real estate. Simple measures like subsequently installed wireless window contacts connected to heating control or a central turn-off function for lighting can substantially reduce operating costs. Whether as insular solutions or linked to modern building automation, both are possible and easily implemented.

At the same time, service-free and self-powered wireless switches and wireless sensors can very much simplify the cabling of a building. This wireless technology really shows to benefit if room arrangements later need to be altered, or if a flexible system of dividing walls is used from the very start.


  • Flexibility important during construction
  • Subsequent changes to the room layout call for further planning and installation work
  • Design aspects, e.g. glass walls
  • Optimal positioning of sensors
  • Integration in existing building automation systems

Benefits for house owners

Time savings

Cost benefits


Future viability