EnOcean Wireless Standard

The EnOcean eco system offers flexibility, energy efficiency, and cost savings for buildings.

Interoperability of different end-products is an important success factor in establishing self-powered sensor solutions on the market. For this reason EnOcean Alliance pursues the standardization of communication profiles (EnOcean Equipment Profiles - EEPs), ensuring that sensors from one manufacturer can communicate with receiver gateways of another, for example. End-users thus have the entire product portfolio of self-powered wireless switches, sensors and controls at their disposal.

EnOcean wireless standard optimized for self-powered wireless devices

The EnOcean wireless standard is geared to wireless sensors and wireless sensor networks with ultra-low power consumption. It also includes sensor networks that utilize energy harvesting technology to draw energy from their surroundings – for example from motion, light or temperature differences. This principle enables electronic control systems to be used that work independently of an external power supply. The EnOcean wireless standard (ISO/ IEC 14543-3-1X) in sub 1GHz is optimized for use in buildings, as a radio range of 30m indoors is possible.

EnOcean Wireless Standards

868 MHz for Europe and China

902 MHz for North America

928 MHz for Japan

Benefits of using the EnOcean wireless standard