Spearheading the drive towards an energy-efficient, healthier and safer world. Implementing your sustainability goals with EnOcean technology.

Buildings use 40% of our energy and they are responsible for 36% of our CO2 emissions. In order to meet the United Nations and other climate goals, it is absolutely necessary that we make our buildings energy efficient, including retrofitting our entire existing building stock. In an age where self-powered wireless is the obvious choice, EnOcean Alliance is spearheading the drive towards an energy-efficient, healthier and safer world.

Sustainability in Practice

The ongoing COVID pandemic has also increased awareness of the health and wellness of employees, which includes monitoring and controlling air quality, lighting levels, temperature, and occupancy levels.

For our member companies, sustainability is a central commitment that is followed by action. Read below to find out how the companies are implementing their sustainability goals.



See how self-powered wireless switches, sensors, and controls cut installation cost and time, and enable efficient use of energy.

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50 Global Leaders for Sustainability