Smart Spaces

Self-powered wireless sensors enable space and energy utilization as well as hygiene and social distancing optimization.

Smart Spaces constitute networked ecosystems in which people and space interact with each other in a flexible and needs-based manner. The prerequisite for this is intelligent infrastructure management, which is supplied with sensor data from the building. Tried and tested fields of application include digital restroom solutions ("cleaning on demand), space utilization (e.g. monitoring of workplaces or conference rooms) or people counting.

The Smart Space uses IoT sensor data to monitor the status quo. The building data then converge on a cloud-based IT platform (digital building twin). This links the physical working environment with digital services and intelligent analysis tools. Dashboards are used to visually prepare the data as a basis for decisions by facility and IT managers.

benefits of EnOcean Solutions for Smart Spaces

A variety of maintenance-free EnOcean solutions.

  • Ease of Installation & Operation (especially in retrofit scenarios)
  • Interoperable Products from Multiple Suppliers (international standard)
  • Seamless Interfaces to IT infrastructure, BMS and Cloud Solutions
  • Space & Energy Utilization Optimization (office, desks, conference rooms, areas)
  • Hygiene & Social Distancing Optimization (servicing/cleaning on demand, occupancy
  • Proven: EnOcean Technology Installed in 1.000.000+ Buildings (e.g. Offices, Schools, Hotels, Hospitals, Industrial, Historical Buildings and Retail)

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