Self-powered wireless switches and sensors for building automation and smart homes

Wireless sensors have been used for many years for building control, but maintenance battery replacement is too costly for professional building sensing solutions. Today, it’s possible to have wireless batteryless solutions powered from kinetic energy, light or temperature differential. Millions of batteryless wireless sensors already operate in buildings around the world measuring data and communicating with an intelligent system – saving up to 40% of energy and significant percentage of installation costs.

Flexible solutions crossing standards

In addition, batteryless solutions can also be easily connected to all systems that communicate over WiFi, as well as over Ethernet/IP, KNX, BACnet or LON via gateways. Energy harvesting wireless solutions can also be combined with other protocols to provide an optimized system for individual requirements. This brings together the benefits of two or more worlds and allows energy harvesting wireless solutions to work together with several building automation systems.

No wires. No batteries. No limits.

The EnOcean standard is the only wireless standard optimized for self-powered wireless switches, sensors and controls for sustainable building and home automation and so to make buildings more energy-efficient, more flexible and lower in cost.

No Wires

The EnOcean wireless standard (ISO/ IEC 14543-3-1X) in sub 1GHz is an established standard optimized for use in buildings, as a radio range of 30m indoors is possible. Interoperable products from various manufacturers are available in 868 MHz for Europe and China, in 902 MHz for North America and 928 MHz for Japan.

No Batteries

EnOcean Alliance solutions make use of energy created from slight changes in motion, light or temperature. Powered by motion, light or heat; no cables or batteries are required for switching or acquisition of sensor information such as temperature, water sensing or presence detection.

No Limits

Self-powered wireless sensors and switches using EnOcean wireless standard are ideal for sustainable building applications. EnOcean wireless networks have been installed in over 1,000,000 buildings worldwide; making it the most pervasive and field-tested wireless building automation standard in the world.

Benefits at a glance

15% cost savings in new construction

70% cost savings in retrofits

40% energy savings

Unlimited Flexibility

Benefits of using EnOcean Wireless Standard