Join the EnOcean Alliance - the Wireless Standard for Sustainable Buildings

Mission and Vision

  • Our mission is to promote and enable intelligent green buildings through creation of a broad range of interoperable standards based wireless products
  • Our goal is to create a better, safer, cost & energy efficient, environmentally friendlier world through intelligent self-powered wireless sensor systems

Goals of the EnOcean Alliance

  • establishing energy harvesting wireless technology as the wireless standard for sustainable buildings
  • helping to bring about the existence of a broad range of interoperable wireless monitoring and controlling products for use in and around residential, commercial, and industrial buildings and promote global trade in such products
  • by developing the specifications for the interoperability of the sensor profiles for the wireless products operating in unlicensed frequency bands and subsequently to apply for ratification as an international standard at the approriate standardization commitee

Join us

Join us to ensure your company is a step ahead of its competitors by driving and leveraging breakthrough technologies and development.

Please find also the link to the EnOcean Alliance Participant Agreement and the Alliance Bylaws here.