TR9277-EO CO2, Temp & RH Transmitter, Indoor Ambient Light Powered

The TR9277-EO from AirTest is a wireless, CO2, Temperature and RH transmitter that is powered by indoor ambient light, making it ideal for zero energy/minimal environmental impact projects or applications where zero maintenance is required.  The transmitter utilizes EnOcean Profile A5-09-04.

Key Features Include

  • Zero energy transmitter that harvests power from indoor ambient light.
  • Incorporates a CO2 self calibration feature (Automatic Background Calibration- ABC), to eliminate ongoing maintenance.
  • Can easily be calibrated in outside air to support a seamless commissioning process.
  • Built-in absolute pressure sensor automatically corrects CO2 reading for altitude, significantly increasing transmitter accuracy.
  • During installation the transmitter will provide feedback on local light intensity and radio signal strength to facilitate optimum placement.
  • Optional button-battery can be installed to provide extended backup for up to five years in low light/no light conditions.
  • Smart power management logic regulates sampling and messaging interval based on on board power and ambient light levels. Typical broadcast interval is 16 seconds for Temp and RH and 5 minutes for CO2.
  • Quick flash of LED to right of PV panel indicates CO2 general range every 15 seconds Green=< 800 ppm, Yellow= 800-1,400 ppm, Red= >1,400 ppm.
  • Exact CO2 level to ±25 ppm can be read out by pressing a button sequence and counting the flashes of the colored LEDs.
  • Product No. TR9277-EO
  • Manufacturer AirTest Technologies Inc.
  • Category CO2 / Air Quality Sensor, Humidity Sensor, Temperature Sensor, Wireless Sensors
  • Frequency 902 MHz: USA, Canada
  • TX-EEP A5-09-04
  • Certification Certified Level 2