Self-powered wireless solution for sustainable buildings

Self-powered wireless sensors and switches using EnOcean wireless standard are ideal for sustainable building applications. Powered by motion, light or heat; no cables or batteries are required for switching or acquisition of sensor information such as temperature, water sensing or presence detection. Sensors and actuators can directly communicate with each other and/or they can be controlled through a room controller/gateway to the cloud for applications that require remote sensing and control via PC or smart phones.

No Wires. No Batteries. No Limits.

The EnOcean Alliance is the only wireless standard optimized for self-powered wireless switches, sensors and controls for sustainable building and home automation and so to make buildings more energy-efficient, more flexible and lower in cost.

Self-powered wireless switches, sensors and controls cut installation cost and time, and enable efficient use of energy.

EnOcean solutions increase comfort and security for smart homes.

EnOcean standard is simple to connect with other standards for an Internet of Things (IoT).

Energy Harvesting Wireless Sensor Solutions

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Ambient Assisted Living

Ambient Assisted Living (Hospital)


Retail Facility

Historical Building

Industrial Building

Modular Homes

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General Presentation & Enocean for Cognitive Buildings

Modular Presentation

Cognitive Buildings with IBM & EnOcean