Molex CoreSync Temperature/Humidity Sensor (902 MHz)

The Molex Sensor is a maintenance free wireless device that regularly measures and reports the temperature and humidity in a space.

The Sensor is powered by a solar cell and features on-board energy storage that allows operation for days even in total darkness, with socket for optional coin cell battery backup for use in lowest light environments. The slim housing can be easily mounted vertically on walls, using the enclosed 2-sided adhesive tape.

  • Enocean Wireless Communication – Easily paired with CoreSync Wireless POE GW for communication and data reporting
  • Self-powered – Long-term reliability and ease of installation
  • Super-compact size – Allows convenient and unobtrusive placement
  • Regular reporting – Provides frequent “signs of life” updates
  • Individualized sensing – Optimizes energy savings; granular temperature and humidity measurement
  • Connectivity – Connects wirelessly with the CoreSync EnOcean GW, PN 180993-3001.