EasySens® STC-MSG server UP

Wirelessly controlled heating regulator for control of up to 5 SAB valve actuators within one room in connection with wireless room sensors. Furthermore, it is feasible to make use of the function “energy stop” by seamlessly connecting window contacts SRW0x and handles SRG0x to the SAB, resulting in an automated closing of the valves, if a window is open. STC-MSG Server UP can learn in the following sensors: 5 EasySens® valve actuators (SAB), 1 room operating sensor type SR04 x, SR06 x or SR07 x, 10 digital input modules SR65DI, EasySens® switches, motion sensors (e.g. SR-MDS, SR-MOW), 20 window contacts SRW0x or window handles SRG0x.

  • Manufacturer Thermokonhttp://www.thermokon.de
  • Category Receivers & Controllers, Room Controller
  • Frequency 868MHz (ASK): EU (and potentially others e.g. Non-EU Europe, China,…)
  • RX-EEP F6-04-01, D5-00-01, F6-10-00, A5-04-01, A5-04-02, A5-04-03, A5-02-01, A5-02-02, A5-02-03, A5-02-04, A5-02-05, A5-02-06, A5-02-07, A5-02-08, A5-02-09, A5-02-0A, A5-02-0B, A5-02-10, A5-02-11, A5-02-12, A5-02-13, A5-02-14, A5-02-15, A5-02-16, A5-02-17, A5-02-18, A5-02-19, A5-02-1A, A5-02-1B, A5-07-01, A5-07-02, A5-07-03, A5-08-01, A5-08-02, A5-08-03, A5-10-01, A5-10-02, A5-10-03, A5-10-04, A5-10-05, A5-10-06, A5-10-07, A5-10-08, A5-10-09, A5-10-0A, A5-10-0B, A5-10-0C, A5-10-0D, A5-10-10, A5-10-11, A5-10-12, A5-10-13, A5-10-14, A5-10-18, A5-10-19, A5-10-1A, A5-10-1B, A5-10-1C, A5-10-1D, A5-10-1F, A5-20-12, A5-30-01, A5-30-02, A5-10-22, A5-10-23, A5-14-01, A5-14-02, A5-14-03, A5-14-04, A5-14-06, A5-11-02, A5-20-01
  • Certification Certified 2.0