Overview Memberships Levels

The alliance offers different membership levels to suit the needs of companies with varying degrees of involvement in this field. Check a glance at the 3 (three) levels of membership! By choosing the appropriate membership level based on their needs and goals, members can access technical support, networking opportunities, and other benefits that can help them stay at the forefront of this rapidly evolving field.
EnOcean Alliance members can actively participate in shaping the development of EnOcean technology and specifications. By choosing the appropriate membership level, companies gain access to valuable resources, networking opportunities, and a chance to lead in this rapidly evolving field. This involvement not only contributes to the advancement of EnOcean technology but also provides numerous benefits, including marketing support and the opportunity to stay ahead in the world of energy-efficient wireless communication.


 Member Benefits      Promoter                   Participant                                 Associate
 Usage of EnOcean Equipment Profiles (EEP)            



                           √                                              √
 Usage of Manufacturer ID              √



                           √                                              √
Candidate for Board of Director Seats              √



Candidate for Officer Position, Executive Committee              √



(√) Nominations by Promoters only                                              
Chair Work Groups              √



(√) Nominations by Promoters only                                              
Approve Committees / Work Groups              √



Vote in Officer Elections              √



Final Approval of Alliance Specifications              √



Vote in Board of Director Elections              



Approve Draft Specification to 0. X              



Vote in Work Groups              



                           √                                               √
Attend Annual Meetings, Workshops, Events              √



                           √ By special invitation only
Participate in Work Groups              



                           √ By special invitation only
Participate in email reflectors              √



                           √                                               √
Contribute to Work Group work items              √



                           √ By special invitation only
Propose work items              √



                           √                                               √
Access to the "Members Only" section of the web              √



                           √                                               √
Pre-release access to documents              √



                           √                                               √
Approve Documents within a Work Group              √



                           √                                               √
Participate in Marketing events and Press Releases Priority 1 Priority 2 By Special Invitation only
Receive Newsletter / Magazine               √



                            √                                               √
Obtain Approved Output               √



                            √ Upon publication
Use Alliance Brand               √



                            √                                                √
Annual Dues USD 35.000
+ sign-up free
+board approval
USD 6.000 USD 500 2 years
Promoter or Participant referrals can reduce the fee


* The Associate membership class is geared towards building professionals (such as architects, consultants, specifiers, contractors, etc), academics, users and retail organizations. The EnOcean Alliance does not allow for product manufacturers and suppliers to the ecosystem to join as an Associate.