Three Channel Temperature Sensor – Pressac

Measure and monitor the temperature of air, gas or liquids, in real time.

Our wireless three-channel temperature sensors allow you to measure and monitor ambient, surface or liquid temperatures in a room, machine or around the building, in real time. This allows you to:

  • Access live data to monitor ambient, surface or liquid temperatures in a room, machine or around the building
  • Monitor changes in normal operating conditions to automatically detect failure or faults as they happen
  • Maintain ideal conditions and achieve the most efficient environment by automating control in each machine, cabinet, room or zone


  • Accepts up to three industry-standard PT1000 probes
  • Measures and reports temperature: -20-100ºC
  • Battery powered
  • Dimensions: 110 x 80 x 66 mm (approx)
  • IP67 rated meaning it can be used near water

How our industrial temperature sensors work
Our three-channel temperature sensors measure the temperature at up to three different points using industrial PT1000 temperature probes, and can be used for liquid, air or surface temperature measurements.

Data is sent wirelessly and securely from our sensors to any number of receivers. Because our technology is platform agnostic, the data from our sensors can be integrated into any software or platform. It can also be used to automate local control systems, or feed directly into an existing building management system.

Where possible we use low-latency, highly-durable channels and protocols, which means the infrastructure used to collect and forward data is easy to scale.

  • We use EnOcean’s internationally approved wireless protocol, designed for reliable transmission in systems with numerous sensors
  • The sensors communicate data using secure AES-128 bit encryption via the EnOcean wireless radio protocol
  • Manufactured in the UK to meet the highest quality and environmental standards and global regulatory requirements
  • Our products are tested internally and approved by third-party test bodies to ensure they are reliable, robust and compliant

Our sensor technology is platform agnostic, so data from our sensors can be integrated into any software or platform, connected directly to smart controllers or fed directly into building management systems.

  • Our smart gateway converts sensor data into industry-standard MQTT format and makes it available locally or via the cloud
  • Data is transmitted via a wired ethernet cable, or wirelessly via WiFi or LTE (4G)
  • Ready-made connections with IBM Watson, Microsoft Azure, AWS IoT Core* and Google Cloud IoT platforms*
    *Available soon

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  • Product No. 3CHTEMP.868.[BAT]-[SLR]
  • Manufacturer Pressac
  • Category Alarm/Warning Sensor, Temperature Sensor, Water Sensor, Wireless Sensors
  • Field Of Use Industrial
  • Frequency 868 MHz (ASK): Europe (and potentially others, e.g. China)