Temperature & Humidity Sensor – ETHS (OEM)

ETHS is a wireless temperature & humidity sensor for EnOcean systems. Powered by a solar cell, it works absolutely maintenance-free. An integrated energy store allows operation for several days in total darkness. In dark surroundings, a coin cell battery can be retrofitted.

The small housing can easily be mounted to verti-cal walls or furniture using the included adhesive pad. Using the included metal stand the sensor can be positioned on horizontal surfaces. One end cap can be replaced by the enclosed lodge cap.

ETHS periodically measures temperature and humidity of its environment. Significant changes in readings are reported immediately. In addition, frequent updates (signs-of-life) are provided at regular intervals.

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  • Manufacturer Easyfit by EnOceanhttps://www.enocean.com
  • Category Humidity Sensor, Temperature Sensor
  • Field Of Use HVAC
  • Frequency 868 MHz (ASK): Europe (and potentially others, e.g. China), 902 MHz: USA, Canada
  • TX-EEP A5-04-03
  • Certification Certified 3.0