Smart EnOcean Gateway Business

Smart EnOcean Gateway Business ( DC-GW/EO-IP )

Bidirectional Gateway with TCP/IP socket connection.

– IP-Gateway, translating EnOcean-Radio Communication (Energy Harvesting Wireless Technology) into different IP-worlds
– Web interface to view, control or manage EnOcean devices
– Multiple client connections possible
– Supports standard EnOcean profiles as well as manufacture specific profiles
– Update capability for future EnOcean products
– No limits regarding the number of sensors and actuators which can be used
– Simple API, string based (tcp) and powerful API REST/JSON based (http)
– Flexible and energy efficient hardware
– Maintained and updated continuously
– Supports EnOcean Security/AES Encryption
– Supports Remote Commissioning

– IoT development kit for Intelligent Buildings
– Fully open bidirectional REST/JSON API with device administration for a seamless integration in any
existing ecosystem
– Monitor or publish your data to the cloud easily by using the provided tool Node-Red
– Out of the box integration with the IBM Watson IoT Platform and Microsoft Azure
– Connect devices to the thing-it suite of technology solutions

  • Product No. DC-GW / EO-IP
  • Manufacturer Digital Concepts
  • Category Gateway & Building Management Systems, Gateway: Other, Gateway: TCP/ IP, Software
  • Frequency 902 MHz: USA, Canada
  • RX-EEP All EEPs
  • TX-EEP All EEPs
  • Certification Certified 2.0