EnOcean Easyclickpro Valve actuator, batteryless

Wireless and batteryless radio valve actuator with integrated EnOcean radio interface for bidirectional communication with control and regulation units. The actuator has an integrated temperature sensor and can be used as an independent temperature controller as an alternative to actuator operation. The batteryless actuator uses the heat of the water in the radiator to generate energy.

Technical data:
• Power supply: thermal energy harvesting, Micro-USB connection (Typ B)
• Radio technology: EnOcean (IEC 14543-3-10)
• Frequency: 868 MHz
• Transmission power: < 10mW
• Direction of transmission: bi-directional
• EnOcean-Profil: EEP A5-20-01
• Display: Status-LED
• Measuring range: 0.. +40°C
• Actuating stroke: max. 3 mm / automatic adjustment
• Actuation time: 0,24 mm/s
• Ambient temperature: 0… +40 °C 70% rH
• Rating: IP40 according to DIN EN 60529
• Housing: PC, Aluminium, pure white
• Valve connection: screw mounting, M30 x 1.5

  • Product No. D 451 FU-E MSA3 (00324886)
  • Manufacturer Honeywell PEHAhttp://www.peha.de
  • Category Actuator / Relay Receiver, Receivers & Controllers, Room Controller
  • Frequency 868MHz (ASK): EU (and potentially others e.g. Non-EU Europe, China,…)
  • RX-EEP A5-20-01
  • Certification Certified Level 2