LENO-800 EnOcean Interface

The L-ENO EnOcean Interface LENO-800 for the European 868 MHz band integrates wireless self-powered sensors and micro-energy devices seamlessly into building automation with the use of LINX‑12x/‌15x/‌22x Automation Servers, the LROC-102 Room Controller, and the LGATE-952 Universal Gateways. The L-ENO Interface only needs to be connected to the USB port.The L-ENO device is bus-powered over USB and detected automatically.

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  • Manufacturer LOYTEChttp://www.loytec.com
  • Category Accessories, Accessories Misc.
  • Field Of Use HVAC, Lighting
  • Frequency 868 MHz (ASK): Europe (and potentially others, e.g. China)