INSAFE+ Origin: Smoke Detector and Indoor Air Quality Monitor

INSAFE+ Origin is a new generation connected smoke detector that also measures and reports ambient temperature and relative humidity to analyze indoor air quality thanks to IZIAIR algorithm.

It is an ideal product for connected homes and residential buildings.


Product benefits:

  • 2-in-1 smoke detector and Indoor Air Quality monitor
  • IZIAIR Indoor Air Quality Indicator
  • Wireless sensor for easy and fast installation
  • 10-year battery life for the product and wireless connection
  • Elegantly designed detector that blends in with any decor


Applications :

  • Indoor air quality control in homes and residential buildings
  • HVAC control
  • Maintenance optimization
  • Enhancement of building energy efficiency
  • Development of new services : home care, home support, well-being, heating cost savings, etc.
  • Product No. I870EO
  • Manufacturer Nexelec
  • Category Alarm/Warning Sensor, Humidity Sensor, Temperature Sensor, Wireless Sensors
  • Frequency 868MHz (ASK): EU (and potentially others e.g. Non-EU Europe, China, Singapure…)
  • TX-EEP D2-14-30
  • Certification Certified Level 3