EasySens® SRG02

Battery- and wireless window handle for status monitoring of windows (lock option available) with radio interface. When actuated, the handle transmits a radio signal with the handle position to a receiving actuator or gateway. The window handle is used to optimize energy consumption in the building, as heating/cooling or ventilation gets deactivated when windows are open. Equipped with a variable length square spindle for profile depths of 32..42 mm for most common window frames.

  • Manufacturer Thermokonhttp://www.thermokon.de
  • Category Position Sensor, Switch Misc., Wireless Sensors, Wireless Switches
  • Frequency 868MHz (ASK): EU (and potentially others e.g. Non-EU Europe, China, Singapure…)
  • TX-EEP F6-10-00
  • Certification Certified Level 2