BL-201-12-868 ERCO FLEX EnOcean-DALI-Controller

The BL-201-12-868 ERCO FLEX EnOcean-DALI-Controller is a free configurable light controller. It provides an EnOcean-Transceiver, a DALI master and an integrated DALI power supply for up to 17 ballasts. Groups, scenes and control funtions can be configured wireless, using the PC tool BL-PC-FLEX and an EnOcean USB stick. This light controller directly fits into a DALI light track from ERCO.

  • Product No. # 11236, BL-201-12-868 ERCO FLEX
  • Manufacturer DEUTA Controls
  • Category Gateway & Building Management Systems, Gateway: DALI
  • Frequency 868MHz (ASK): EU (and potentially others e.g. Non-EU Europe, China,…)
  • RX-EEP F6-03-01, F6-03-02, A5-07-01, A5-07-02, A5-06-01, A5-06-02, A5-08-01
  • Certification Certified 2.0