BL-201-00-868 UP BROADCAST, EnOcean-DALI-Controller

The BL-201-00-868 UP BROADCAST EnOcean-DALI-Controller provides one DALI master with an integrated DALI power supply for the direct connection of up to 17 slaves (Iout max.= 34 mA), without a separate DALI power supply. Also an EnOcean wireless transceiver is integrated. This allows the smart and easy integration and
combination of DALI ballasts and EnOcean wireless technology. The BL-201 is supplied by 230 V AC line voltage.

The BL-201-00-868 UP BROADCAST can be controlled by an EnOcean switch or also by a control unit. Functionality is described as follows:
Function: Single rocker to control DALI ballasts On / Off / Dim via DALI broadcast DAPC commands.

Push service button <= 1 sec.:
Sets BL-201 into learn-mode, service LED is steady on:
EnOcean switch is pressed: Switch is paired with BL-201

Push Service button >=2 sec.:
Service-LED will turn on for 1 sec.: No more switch / control unit is paired with the BL-201.

Keypress rocker top short:
Switch on all ballasts on DALI line

Keypress rocker bottom short:
Switch off all ballasts on DALI line

Keypress rocker top long:
Brighten of ballasts until key is released or 100% is reached

Keypress rocker bottom long:
Dim of ballasts until key is released or 0% is reached.

  • Product No. # 11042, BL-201-00-868 UP BROADCAST
  • Manufacturer DEUTA Controls
  • Category Gateway & Building Management Systems, Gateway: DALI
  • Frequency 868MHz (ASK): EU (and potentially others e.g. Non-EU Europe, China,…)
  • RX-EEP F6-03-01, F6-03-02
  • Certification Certified 2.0