Omnio weather evaluation unit XFJ

The Omnio weather evaluation unit XFJ is able to convert the captured weather data into EnOcean telegrams. This way blinds can be pilot-controlled and protected against thunderstorms. The following individual signals are available: Channel 1: Weather raw data for higher-level systems according to EEP A5-13-01… 06. Channel 2: Alarm due to failure of the weather sensor. Channel 3: Day/night signal. Channel 4: Up-/downwards signal for blinds, coming from the weather sensor capturing wind, rain and sun conditions. The switching-threshold and time delay can be adjusted as required. Up to eight weather evaluation units can be connected to the weather sensor in order to cover different zones within a building. Bidirectional communication, EnOcean Equipment Profile (EEP) A5-13-01 … 06 (RPS). The programming is carried out through the E-Tool gold license via ARCO ready technology (AWAG Remote Commissioning). Suitable for surface mounting.

  • Product No. 2550 000
  • Manufacturer AWAG
  • Category Humidity Sensor, Light Sensor, Temperature Sensor, Wireless Sensors
  • Frequency 868MHz (ASK): EU (and potentially others e.g. Non-EU Europe, China, Singapure…)
  • TX-EEP A5-13-01, A5-13-02, A5-13-03, A5-13-04, A5-13-05, A5-13-06
  • Certification Certified Level 2