We are exhibiting at IoT Solutions World Congress 2023: Connectivity with Smart Sensor to Cloud Solutions

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San Ramon (USA)/Barcelona (ESP). January 16th, 2023. IOTSWC 2023 (co-located with ISE Europe 2023) is the leading event on trends in digital transformation, based on disruptive technologies. The event aims to create a roadmap to navigate the opportunities and risks and help you focus on the technologies with the greatest business impact. The EnOcean Alliance cannot be missing from this highlight. From January 31st to February 2nd the organization and selected members will present maintenance-free solutions for Smart Homes, Smart Buildings and Smart Spaces based on the EnOcean wireless standard (ISO/IEC 14543-3-10).

With more than 400 members worldwide, the EnOcean Alliance is one of the most successful alliances in the area of smart building monitoring and control. EnOcean Alliance has a booth at the event together with its promoter members Deutsche Telekom (MMS), Microsoft and EnOcean along with HPE/Aruba showing the latest developments and solutions for Smart Spaces, Smart Buildings and Smart Homes based on the energy harvesting EnOcean wireless standard sensors and switches

Smart Spaces solutions can also be based on existing HPE/Aruba access points to collect and transport the sensor data throughout the buildings. Deutsche Telekom (MMS) will be demonstrating the complete solution to optimize your building, albeit occupancy monitoring (desk, chair, conference room, restrooms, common areas, etc.) for space and cost optimization, air quality monitoring for increased health & wellness and productivity or energy efficiency.  The collected data can be forwarded to the Microsoft Azure Cloud for optimized processing and analyzation.

Relevant use cases for Smart Spaces are, for example, office space optimization, digital restroom management, employee wellness & productivity, people counting as well as energy monitoring and savings. Smart Spaces provide more safety, comfort and efficiency while saving costs.

  • Health & Wellness: 15% increase in employee motivation & productivity, 15% reduction in absenteeism
  • Space optimization: 25% to 40% reduction in space and operating costs
  • Energy & CO2 savings: 20% to 30% in commercial properties (typically)
  • Construction time & cost: saving up to 30% in new builds, 80% in retrofits
  • Sustainability: maintenance-free for decades, wireless, battery-free
  • Safety of buildings (e.g. social distancing, air quality)

Visitors will find the EnOcean Alliance Booth in Hall 4, Level 0, Street F, Stand 611 at the Barcelona – Gran Via Venue Hall 4.

About EnOcean Alliance

The EnOcean Alliance is an international association of leading companies in the building and IT industries founded in 2008. The open, non-profit organization is committed to enabling and promoting interoperable, maintenance-free and proven eco-systems based on the wireless EnOcean radio standard (ISO/IEC 14543-3-10/11). With their decades of experience, EnOcean Alliance members strive to co-create a healthy, safe and sustainable environment in Smart Homes, Smart Buildings and Smart Spaces for the benefit of all. The EnOcean Alliance headquarters are located in San Ramon, California.


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