The Art of Going Smart

Welcome to the world of The Art of Going Smart (Smart Spaces) - where innovation meets convenience, safety, and efficiency. Smart Spaces have emerged as a game-changing solution in an era where monitoring and controlling our environments have become crucial. From maintaining social distancing to monitoring CO2 levels and optimizing room usage, Smart Spaces transform how we interact with our surroundings. This page is your gateway to discovering the art of going smart, brought to you by the EnOcean Alliance.

Benefits of Smart Spaces

Monitoring and controlling our spaces or buildings can bring significant benefits. More recently, it has become even more important, for example, in social distancing, CO2 air concentration levels, conference room or restroom usage, and cleaning on demand. Smart Spaces provide more safety, comfort, and efficiency while saving costs.

EnOcean Technology


At the heart of Smart Spaces is EnOcean technology, which presents an easy, maintenance-free installation and IoT data collection methods. This technology empowers seamless communication and data exchange between devices without needing external power sources or extensive wiring. The data collected can be utilized in various ways - locally within the building automation system or even through the building's existing Wi-Fi network.

EnOcean Alliance's Contribution

See how the EnOcean Alliance shapes Smart Spaces. Learn how their group of experts drives solutions that work together. They're working hard to make EnOcean technology standard everywhere. 

Feel the future in smart places where technology, efficiency, and design come together. The EnOcean Alliance guides the journey to smart living. Get ready for the change!

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