The Art of Going Smart

Monitoring and controlling our spaces or buildings can bring significant benefits. More recently, it has become even more important, for example in social distancing, CO2 air concentration levels, conference room or restroom usage, and cleaning on demand. Smart Spaces provide more safety, comfort, and efficiency while saving costs.

To promote the products and solutions of our member companies, the EnOcean Alliance, in cooperation with German TV actors/producers, has created a series of 8 short videos each teasing one application of Smart Spaces (smart buildings).

The EnOcean technology enables an easy maintenance-free way of installation and (IoT) data collection.  Data can be collected and used locally, via the building automation system, or today even via the existing Wi-Fi network in the building.

Office Space Optimization

Digital Restroom Management

Employee Productivity

People Counting

Energy Savings

Conference Room Monitoring

Smart Parking

Water Leak Monitoring