Building Smarter Connectivity

EnOcean Allianceは、2008年に設立された建築およびIT業界の大手企業の国際協会です。オープンで非営利の組織は、メンテナンスに基づいて、スマートホーム、スマートビルディング、スマートスペースの相互運用可能なエコシステムの実現と促進に取り組んでいます。 -無料の無線規格(ISO / IEC 14543-3-10 / 11)。

EnOcean Allianceは、世界中のスマートホーム、インテリジェントビルディング、スマートスペースで利用できる相互運用可能なセルフパワーワイヤレスセンサーソリューションの広範で確立されたエコシステムの利点を提供します。 EnOceanワイヤレスネットワークは、世界中で1,000,000を超える建物に設置されており、世界で最も広く普及し、最もフィールドテストされたワイヤレスビルディングオートメーション標準となっています。





EnOceanアライアンスのメンバーは、プロフェッショナルかつグローバルなネットワークとして、EnOcean無線規格を基に、真の相互運用互換性があり、メンテナンスフリーで実績のあるエコシステムを共同で作っています。 私たちは何十年にもわたる経験を活かし、すべての人の利益のために、スマートホーム、スマートビルディング、スマートスペースなどにおいて、より健康的で安全、しかも持続可能な環境の実現に取り組んでいます。




BSC Computer GmbH

BSC Computer GmbH is a specialist in building automation. The building management software BSC-BoSe and the wireless sensor-network are based on energy harvesting technology from EnOcean. Besides capabilities like switching devices, monitoring sensors, full HVAC control, camera surveillance, alarm and reporting, cell phone control, Smart Metering, remote access and many more, BSC-BoSe also provides support for Smart Grid. BSC system allows remote access via TCP/IP, internet or smart phone.


Eltako is an acronym derived from the German "Elektrischer Tast-Kontakt" meaning "electrical push-button contact" and has quickly become synonymous with high-quality impulse switches and switching relays. Eltako has long been Europe's No.1 manufacturer of equipment of this kind. Eltako also belongs to the market leaders or is market leader and technology leader when it comes to dimmer switches, staircase time switches, mains disconnection relays and multifunction time relays and energy meters.



EnOcean GmbH is the developer of the patented energy harvesting wireless technology marketed under the Dolphin brand. Headquartered in Oberhaching, near Munich, the company produces and markets self-powered wireless sensor solutions for batteryless applications in the Internet of Things, which are used for building and industrial automation, smart homes and LED light control. The EnOcean products are based on miniaturized energy converters, ultra-low power electronics and robust radio technology in open standards. Leading product manufacturers have been relying on EnOcean wireless modules for their system solutions for the past 15 years and have installed the products in several hundreds of thousands of buildings around the world.


Honeywell (www.honeywell.com) is a Fortune 100 diversified technology and manufacturing leader, serving customers worldwide with aerospace products and services; control technologies for buildings, homes and industry; turbochargers; and performance materials. Based in Morris Township, N.J., Honeywell’s shares are traded on the New York, London, and Chicago Stock Exchanges.
Honeywell brands: www.mkelectric.co.uk , www.ex-or.com,www.peha.de .


For more information about IBM Watson IoT, please visit www.ibm.com/iot.


Microsoft enables digital transformation for the era of an intelligent cloud and an intelligent edge. Its mission is to empower every person and every organization on the planet to achieve more.


T-Systems Multimedia Solutions GmbH is a German IT service and IT consulting firm headquartered in Dresden. The company provides consulting and software development services to medium and large organizations and has offices in Berlin, Bonn, Dresden, Hamburg, Stuttgart, Munich, Leipzig and Jena.


Vertuoz is a service platform that offers innovative services and technologies that go beyond simple energy management in buildings. In the context of rising energy costs, greater awareness of environmental issues and new regulations, Vertuoz collected the know-how of multiple ENGIE companies and developed a web-based solution for monitoring and analyzing the energy consumption of buildings. Indeed, Vertuoz provide a full Energy Management System (EMS) but more generally a modern Building Management System (BMS). Vertuoz uses all of the data that is collected to increase efficiency and comfort in buildings, from invoices to IOT devices, from multi sites, multi suppliers. Using an open network of partners, Vertuoz enables companies to develop innovative solutions that contribute to make buildings more efficient, intelligent and personal.