NodOn Indoor Temperature & Humidity sensor

Measure and control the temperature and the humidity from a wireless and battery-less sensor

Compatible with the EnOcean® worldwide Smart Home & Smart Building protocol, this EnOcean® Temperature & Humidity Sensor will check the temperature and the humidity of the room every 100sec, and will feedback it to your Home Automation Gateway or supervision system as soon as there
is a 0.5°C temperature variation or a +/-2% humidity variation.
To make sure the Temperature & Humidity Sensor is always alive, it will broadcast an “heartbeat” temperature and humidity message every 15 to 30min. Mount it and forget it: It doesn’t need any battery to work!

With the Indoor temperature and humidity sensor I can…

  • Launch scenarios based on temperature and / or humidity. Why switching ON the heating system if I can open the blinders and let the outside heat comes in?
  • Make sure the heating system warm up the place at a comfortable and not excessive temperature
  • Make sure my wine or food cellar is at the right temperature and the right humidity
  • Control the temperature & the humidity in my room, and ensure the comfort of my family
  • Control the humidity level of my home to insure my child’s safety and well being.

Technical specifications:

Power source: Solar panel
Temperature range: 0°C to 40°C (0.16°C resolution) – Indoor use
Humidity range: 0 to 100% RH – Indoor use
Wall mounting: adhesive bounding (included) or screws (not included)
Optional CR1216 battery (not included) for dark area use (3 years in total darkness)
Operational temperature: 0°C to 40°C
Radio: EnOcean® Protocol
EEP: A5-04-01
Frequency: depending on region
Range: 30m indoor
Dimensions: 80*26*18mm

  • Manufacturer NodOn
  • Kategorie Feuchtesensor, Funksensoren, Temperatursensor
  • Frequenz 868 MHz (ASK): Europa (und eventuell andere, z.B. China)
  • TX-EEP A5-04-01
  • Zertifizierung Certified Level 2