IAQ and ambiances Multi-sensors probe

Monitoring, T° Control, On demand ventilation for QWL* and energy savings

QWL* : Quality of Working Life.

Multi sensors probe

  • CO2
  • Total VOC
  • Sulphurous Odors
  • Particulate Matter – PM1, PM2.5, PM10
  • Humidity
  • Temperature
  • Light intensity
  • Light color temperature (in °K)
  • Noise pic and average
  • Atmospheric pressure
  • NOx (Optional)
  • Ozone (Optional)


Measuring indoor Air quality for HVAC control

On demand ventilation, Thermostat, IAQ and ambiances supervision.

  • Produkt Nr. EP5000E
  • Manufacturer NanoSensehttps://nano-sense.com
  • Kategorie CO2- / Luftqualitätssensor, Feuchtesensor, Funksensoren, Geräusche Sensor, Lichtsensor, Präsenzsensor, Repeater, Temperatursensor, Thermostats
  • Frequenz 868 MHz (ASK): Europa (und eventuell andere, z.B. China)
  • RX-EEP A5-02-01, F6-04-02, F6-04-01, A5-07-02, A5-08-01, A5-08-02, A5-08-03, A5-06-02, A5-06-03, D5-00-01, A5-04-03, A5-13-11, A5-09-05
  • TX-EEP D2-04-08, A5-09-04, A5-09-08, A5-09-09, D2-04-00, D2-04-01, D2-04-02, D2-04-03, D2-04-04, D2-04-05, D2-04-06, D2-04-07, D2-04-09, D2-04-10, D2-04-1A, D2-04-1B, D2-04-1C, D2-04-1D, D2-04-1E, A5-09-0C, A5-09-07, A5-13-11, A5-07-03, A5-05-01, F6-02-01, A5-3F-7F, A5-20-01, A5-20-02, A5-20-03