EnOcean Alliance shows latest trends of batteryless wireless intelligent building control at SIBT 2016

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San Ramon, CA/Shanghai, China, August 18, 2016

At Shanghai Intelligent Building Technology 2016 (SIBT 2016, Shanghai New International Expo Center SNIEC, 31 August – 2 September), the EnOcean Alliance presents a variety of energy harvesting wireless products for intelligent automated systems. At the joint EnOcean Alliance booth W3 D21, the member companies AAEON, Advanced Devices, Afriso, Control Network Solutions, NodOn, Putian, SECO, Sinobel, and Thermokon demonstrate how their solutions create a highly comfortable working and living environment, which results in better health and productivity, a more efficient use of energy as well as in a higher level of security.

For existing properties and new builds, flexible automation and control technology is mandatory to make buildings more energy-efficient, whilst increasing comfort and security at the same time. The EnOcean Alliance is represented by over 400 member companies in 42 countries worldwide, from product manufacturers and distributors to building professionals and research institutions. Together, they built up the largest interoperable range of batteryless wireless products. All solutions are based on the energy harvesting wireless standard from EnOcean (ISO/IEC 14543-3-1X). They power communications by collecting energy from the surroundings such as motion, indoor light and temperature differentials. This enables highly flexible and maintenance-free sensor solutions for building automation, smart home and IoT solutions.

The EnOcean Alliance booth highlights include:

AAEON (ASUS group), a leading designers and manufacturers of advanced industrial and embedded computing platforms, brings self-powered applications to the new credit card size computer board UP for professional makers. Integrating the Intel® Atom™ x5-8350 Quad-Core 1.4/1.92Ghz 64 bit CPU, the powerful single board computer offers all features to develop applications such as robotics, smart home, education, digital signage, intelligent cars and Internet of Things (IoT) solutions – from the initial idea and prototyping to mass production. Combined with EnOcean Smart home kit, enable you to easily design and realize your own and individual switch application to make your IoT business idea successful.

Advanced Devices is a technology-driven company focused on bringing innovative technologies, products and solutions to customers in China and Asia. As a distributor of EnOcean GmbH, Advanced Devices shows the EnOcean energy harvesting wireless platform. It covers all components – from energy converters, ultra-low power radio and wireless modules to energy management and software – which product manufacturers need to develop batteryless wireless sensor solutions. These maintenance-free, highly flexible devices measure and deliver the needed data for intelligent control systems in building and industrial automation, in smart home as well as for applications in the Internet of Things.

AFRISO presents its EnOcean-based portfolio, which includes the AFRISOLab product range. It covers innovative building protection solutions (e.g. alarm sensors preventing of water and oil leakage) and heating control. Since the WaterSensor eco water sensors from AFRISO work without a power supply (no cables nor batteries) and are operational for an unlimited amount of time, they can be easily placed anywhere without taking additional precautions. The sensors can be installed under the shower and bathtub, in the vicinity of dishwashers and washing machines or in other critical installation zones. If a sensor reports a water leak, the WaterControl 01 shutoff valve automatically closes the water mains.

Control Network Solutions (CNS), together with its official Chinese representative Shanghai Gline-Net Co. Ltd., shows the cns-enocean™ Niagara driver, a wireless EnOcean Ethernet transceiver driver for Niagara. The driver brings web technology platforms built on Niagara AX and energy harvesting wireless networks together, without the need for third party commissioning tools or processes. Therefore, Niagara system integrator partners to use only Niagara for all network and device commissioning, control, maintenance, management, visualization and analytics, discover and commission networks of EnOcean energy harvesting wireless switches, sensors and their EnOcean Ethernet wireless transceivers.

PUTIAN, one of the largest professional manufacturers of telecommunication products, showcases its new intelligent building control and smart home system solutions based on the EnOcean energy harvesting wireless standard. The product line includes a split type wireless switch, which can be used on the wall or as a remote control, a multifunctional dual-channel actuator, a wireless occupancy sensor as well as a carbon monoxide (CO) sensor. This portfolio adds to Nanjing Putian’s comprehensive offer of wireless, telecommunication and network equipment. The split type wireless switch can be used on walls or as a remote control for several control applications such as lighting, shutters or home security. The solar-powered occupancy sensor can be used for lighting control and human motion detection.

SECO, a leading company for self-powered wireless monitoring and control systems, shows its full range of EnOcean-bases solutions for sustainable buildings. The portfolio includes a smart meter device that can directly be connected to existing metering infrastructures (oil, gas, heating, electricity) to record and analyze real-time consumption. A wireless ceiling-mounted occupancy sensor, self-powered by an indoor solar cell, uses a passive infrared sensor to detect if an area is occupied or vacant to adapt HVAC systems accordingly. A wireless and batteryless window contact sensor and a temperature controller complement the offering.

Sinobel, an experienced company in product development, manufacturing and global distribution, demonstrates its new comprehensive smart home system, which connects home applications to multi-media. The products include a batteryless wireless switch, a temperature & humidity sensor, a door/window contact, a PIR sensor, a CO sensor, a PM2.5 sensor, a thermostat, a curtain motor, a gateway and a controller. The core of this new generation of smart home solution is the EnOcean-WiFi gateway. It manages the control instructions and data acquisition of EnOcean sensors and stores it in the cloud. The system also provides an app for control via smartphone or tablet and cloud-management via a computer. Through an integrated infrared control interface, the EnOcean-WiFi gateway can control TV and air conditioning from everywhere.

Thermokon Sensortechnik presents a range of core products for building management. The wireless batteryless EasySens sensor system creates an intelligent, energy-efficient building control system, meeting individual needs. Combined with highly design-oriented room operating units, the system enables multifunctional control of lighting, temperature set point, blinds etc. in rooms. The portfolio is completed by traditional HVAC solutions based on a huge range of sensors for the measurement of physical characteristics in buildings, such as temperature, humidity, CO2, pressure, flow, air velocity, brightness and motion In addition, the company shows helpful and easy to use online tools, which help installers to optimally place the sensors in a building and configure the automation system remotely.

More batteryless solutions at the show

Beside the EnOcean Alliance booth, visitors to SIBT 2016 can find additional EnOcean-based energy harvesting wireless solutions, for example from the member companies Dooya (booth W3 D12), Midea (booth W4 D02) and Menred (booth W1-08).

About EnOcean Alliance

Leading companies worldwide from the building sector collected to form the EnOcean Alliance and establish innovative automation solutions for sustainable building projects – and so to make buildings more energy-efficient, more flexible and lower in cost. The core technology of the Alliance is energy harvesting wireless technology for flexibly positioned and service-free sensor solutions. The EnOcean Alliance aims to internationalize the energy harvesting wireless technology, and is dedicated to creating interoperability between the products of OEM partners. Basis for this is the international standard ISO/IEC 14543-3-1X, which is optimized for wireless solutions with ultra-low power consumption and energy harvesting. More than 400 companies currently belong to the EnOcean Alliance. The headquarters of the non-profit organization is located in San Ramon, California.

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