USB 300 / USB 400J / USB 500 – USB Gateway

USB 300 / USB 400J / USB 500U is a USB stick gateway which connects PC’s, consumer devices, DSL boxes and other USB master devices to the world of EnOcean based wireless products.

The USB stick gateway is equipped with the TCM transceiver gateway module. It provides bidirectional EnOcean radio and bidirectional serial interface via USB. Radio messages are sent and received via an externally connected USB host.

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  • Manufacturer EnOcean GmbH
  • Kategorie Gateway: USB
  • Anwendungsgebiet Beleuchtung, HKL, Industrie
  • Frequenz 868 MHz (ASK): Europa (und eventuell andere, z.B. China), 902 MHz: USA, Kanada, 928 MHz: Japan
  • RX-EEP All EEPs
  • Zertifizierung Certified 3.0