Pressac EnOcean Repeater

A cost-effective way to improve wireless sensor signal coverage

Because of the ways radio waves behave, there are several reasons why the signal coverage in a room or floor of a building might be less than ideal. For example, radio waves can travel through some materials but not others, with metal and concrete – often found in fire-safety walls, lift shafts and stairwells – being the worst.

Our wireless smart repeaters are a cost-effective way to overcome issues like this. They receive the signals transmitted by sensors and send them back out, allowing you to transmit data over a larger distance or work around obstructions.

  • Increase the range of communication between two EnOcean devices, such as a sensor and receiver
  • Work around obstructions or create more direct angles between sensors and receivers, improving signal strength
  • Choose which sensors to repeat, reducing interference and ensuring clear radio signals


  • Extend wireless range of sensors up to 90m, depending on the configuration of a building
  • Select which sensors to repeat to minimise unnecessary data being transmitted and maximise available bandwidth
  • Powered via USB

How our smart repeaters work
Our smart repeater receives messages from selected EnOcean sensors and then re-transmits them wirelessly. Depending on the configuration and the building, repeaters can extend the sensors’ range from 30m up to 90m.

One issue with most repeaters is that they re-transmit every message they receive, which can cause massive interference and signal failure. Our smart sensor lets you be selective and choose which sensors are repeated by which repeaters, meaning the signals received are far clearer.

Where possible we use low-latency, highly-durable channels and protocols, which means the infrastructure used to collect and forward data is easy to scale.

  • We use EnOcean’s internationally approved wireless protocol, designed for reliable transmission in systems with numerous sensors
  • The sensors communicate data using secure AES-128 bit encryption via the EnOcean wireless radio protocol
  • Manufactured in the UK to meet the highest quality and environmental standards and global regulatory requirements
  • Our products are tested internally and approved by third-party test bodies to ensure they are reliable, robust and compliant

Our sensor technology is platform agnostic, so data from our sensors can be integrated into any software or platform, connected directly to smart controllers or fed directly into building management systems.

  • Our smart gateway converts sensor data into industry-standard MQTT format and makes it available locally or via the cloud
  • Data is transmitted via a wired ethernet cable, or wirelessly via WiFi or LTE (4G)
  • Ready-made connections with IBM Watson, Microsoft Azure, AWS IoT Core* and Google Cloud IoT platforms*
    *Available soon
  • Produkt Nr. 60.11360.928
  • Manufacturer Pressac
  • Kategorie Funksensoren, Gateway & Automationssystem, Gateway: TCP/ IP, Repeater
  • Frequenz 928 MHz: Japan
  • TX-EEP All EEPs