Pressac EnOcean Gateway (PEG – E)

Turning encrypted sensor data into a user-friendly format. 

Once your sensors have collected data, what happens to it? How do you understand it and use it? We get asked about this a lot, and the simplest solution is to use our smart gateway.

Our smart gateway receives sensor data, converts it into JSON, sends it via IoT industry-standard  MQTT protocol and makes it available locally or via the cloud, so you can easily integrate it into your existing software or platforms.

  • Turn sensor data into MQTT format, the most commonly used language for IoT devices
  • Connect straight to your software or IoT platform to unlock the value in the data you’ve gathered
  • Ready-made connections with leading IoT platforms


  • Receives secure AES-128 bit encrypted messages from sensors via the EnOcean wireless radio protocol
  • Transmits data wirelessly via a wired ethernet cable.
  • Sends sensor data to any user defined local or cloud-based MQTT broker
  • Ready-made connections with: Microsoft Azure, IBM Watson, Amazon IoT Core* and Google Cloud IoT* platforms (*Available soon)

How our smart gateways work

In simple terms, the gateway receives data from the sensors and makes it usable. Data is transmitted from the sensors to the gateway wirelessly. The gateway converts the sensor data into an IoT industry-standard format – JSON – and sends it wirelessly via WiFi or LTE (4G) or via a wired ethernet cable to your chosen local or cloud-based MQTT broker.

Our sensor technology is platform-agnostic, so data from our sensors can be integrated into any software or platform.


Where possible we use low-latency, highly-durable channels and protocols, which means the infrastructure used to collect and forward data is easy to scale.

  • We use EnOcean’s internationally approved wireless protocol, designed for reliable transmission in systems with numerous sensors
  • The sensors communicate data using secure AES-128 bit encryption via the EnOcean wireless radio protocol
  • Manufactured in the UK to meet the highest quality and environmental standards and global regulatory requirements
  • Our products are tested internally and approved by third-party test bodies to ensure they are reliable, robust and compliant


Our sensor technology is platform agnostic, so data from our sensors can be integrated into any software or platform, connected directly to smart controllers or fed directly into building management systems.

  • Our smart gateway converts sensor data into JSON format, sends it via MQTT and makes it available locally or via the cloud
  • Data is transmitted via a wired ethernet cable
  • Ready-made connections with IBM Watson, Microsoft Azure and AWS IoT Core

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  • Produkt Nr. PEG_868_E
  • Manufacturer Pressac
  • Kategorie Gateway & Automationssystem
  • Anwendungsgebiet HKL, Industrie, Smart spaces
  • Frequenz 868 MHz (ASK): Europa (und eventuell andere, z.B. China)
  • RX-EEP D2-32-00, D2-32-01, D2-32-02, A5-09-04, A5-02-05, D5-00-01, F6-02-01, A5-04-01, A5-12-01, A5-06-02, A5-09-07, A5-3F-7F, D2-0A-00, D2-0A-01
  • Zertifizierung Certified 3.0