Intelligent 24V Thermostat

Intelligent Room Controller [M9-TS1]. The Magnum Thermostat uses wireless communication to provide quick and easy implementation of the energy-saving HVAC controls. When the thermostat receives an “occupied” signal from any of Magnum’s wireless switch or sensor, the user immediately gains full control of the HVAC settings. When the thermostat receives an “unoccupied” signal, it sets the room back to the preset unoccupied temperature. When used with Magnum’s Gateway, the thermostat can also be connected to LON and BACNet HVAC control systems.

  • Produkt Nr. M9-TS1
  • Manufacturer Magnumfirst
  • Kategorie Aktor & Regler, Funksensoren, Raumregler, Temperatursensor
  • Frequenz 902 MHz: USA, Kanada
  • Zertifizierung Certified Level 2