1 Channel Lighting Relay (USR-L3)

The M9-USR-L3 Lighting Control Module responds to a variety of wireless EnOcean devices to control and dim LED drivers, fluorescent ballasts, or other switchable loads. The Mx-USR-L3 offers bi-directional, ON/OFF and 0-10V dimming control when combined with a wireless light switch or automatic shut-off when combined with a wireless occupancy sensor. Additionally, the Lighting Control Module can perform occupancy-based setback dimming and self-contained daylight harvesting functions. The Mx-USR-L3 can be paired to compatible devices manually and for more sophisticated configuration, the MES software tool airConfig is available for download at download.magnumes.net. For manual pairing instructions, please refer to the Mx-USR-L1 Installation Guide.

  • Produkt Nr. M9-USR-L3
  • Manufacturer Magnumfirsthttp://www.magnumfirst.com
  • Kategorie Acceleration Sensor, Aktor, Aktor & Regler, Funksensoren, Lichtsensor
  • Frequenz 902 MHz: USA, Kanada
  • Zertifizierung Certified Level 2