How To Certify A Product

EnOcean Alliance Certification – quality seal for reliable interoperability

Why should I certify my product?

The EnOcean Alliance Certification Program is the tool for the EnOcean Alliance to secure interoperability of EnOcean-based devices without major additional effort.
It also entitles your product to use the EnOcean Alliance Certified logo and lists your product in the Certified Product Database on the EnOcean Alliance website.

What Certification levels are defined?

Certification levels 2 and 3:

Click here to download the application template.

  • Certification level 2 is only a declaration when using a certified radio platform
    • Using a Certified platform or certified against Air Interface cert. spec.
    • Declaration only for correct use of the profiles (verification with Profile Checking tool or own test setup)
  • Certification level 3 requires tests
    • Radio Platform:
      • Certify against Air Interface cert. spec.
    • End product using a certified radio platform:
      • Certify against Radio Performance Cert. spec.
      • Communication Profile Cert. spec.
      • Energy Harvesting Cert. spec.

What steps have to be performed to get a certified product level 2?

What phases are in the certification process for level 3?

The corresponding phases of the EnOcean Alliance Certification Process follow the objective to support the product development process without additional extra efforts:

  • Preparation phase: To identify test-cases to be passed.
  • Testing phase: Execution and successful completion of test cases defined
  • Documentation phase: Documentation of the results of the tests performed
  • Review phase: Secure high-level of quality of interoperability
  • Promotion phase: Use and market the EnOcean Alliance technology logo for certified products

Who can start the certification process?

There are two ways to execute a certification process:

  • Self-certification by the device manufacturer confirming a positive pass of the test cases declared to be mandatory. Usually, these tests have to be anyway performed during the development.
  • Certification by accredited test laboratories provides an official certificate amended by test documentation.

What steps have to be performed to get a certified product at level 3?

To get the highest defined certification level 3 the following steps have to be performed:

To apply there is a template available.

Preparation phase

  1. Select a certified radio platform for your product. A valid certification of a platform will be handed, so no air interface certification is needed for developing a product based on a certified platform.
  2. Define what profiles the product will support (inbound and outbound) and what profiles you want to certify.
  3. Document the test plan with the appropriate test steps.

Testing phase

  1. If you are not using a certified radio platform for your product, perform Air interface Certification tests and document results. To document there is a template.
  2. Perform Radio Performance certification tests and document results.
  3. Perform Communication Profile certification tests and document results. A tool is available to guide the tester and generate the documentation.
  4. If your device is energy-harvested, perform Energy Harvesting certification tests and document results.

Documentation phase

  1. Fill the submission template for the certification request sign on behalf of the company and attach it to the test documentation files.
  2. Enter the product data in the product database on the EnOcean Alliance web site and upload all test documentation. If you don’t want to publish the product data at the time of certification skip this step and send the test documentation to the EnOcean Alliance Certification manager.

Review phase

  1. The Certification manager will check your submission. If all documentation is complete he issues a certificate for the product and marks the product certified in the database.

Promotion phase

  1. You are now allowed to use the certified product logo on your product.  Download now the Brand Guidelines (PDF) and the EnOcean Alliance Technology Logo (zip).

Your Contact

If you have any questions on the EnOcean Alliance certification policy, please contact

What functionality will be verified?

To support a proper implementation of the system specifications the EnOcean Alliance developed a set of certification specifications following the OSI-layer model:

  • The Air Interface Certification Specification verifies the correct design of a radio module platform according to ISO/IEC Standards 14543-3-1x on the physical layer.
  • The Radio Performance Certification Specification verifies the correct design of the radio functionality of the product to ensure proper operation in a minimum radio range.
  • The Communication Profiles Certification Specification verifies the correct design and implementation of the communication protocols; it verifies the data link and the network layer. Use the free tool to perform the tests.
  • The Energy Harvesting Certification Specification declares the parameters of the Energy management.

What if my product does not meet the certification requirements?

If your product does not meet the certification requirements it seems that it is not interoperable or does not meet the minimum performance requirements. To secure your business, check whether you can modify your product to meet the certification requirements.

Non-certified products are not allowed to use the certified product logo on the product and will not be found in the product database by searching interoperable devices.

Is regulatory testing (CE/RTTI/FCC) required prior EnOcean certification?

No, regulatory testing can take place before, after or at the same time with EnOcean Alliance certification testing.