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    Schüco: Energy self-sufficient monitoring of closing with added value

    Schüco SensTrack wireless Bielefeld. Schüco SensTrack wireless is an intelligent sensor that monitors the locking status of Schüco window systems. The patented smart system for monitoring of closing notifies the user if the window is securely locked, without requiring an external energy supply to do so. The movement of the fitting supplies the batt...
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    In the Footsteps of the “Giants” – Smart Working Environments for SMEs

    Wired or Wireless: Which is Better Suited for a Networked Building? By Graham Martin, Chairman & CEO EnOcean Alliance and Marketa Sidlikova M.Sc. Fin. Intelligent working environments with needs-based regulation of temperature, air quality and lighting can have a positive effect on the comfort and well-being of employees, increasing their motiv...
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    There is no Getting Around the Smart Home

    Wired or Wireless Technology: Which is Better for a Connected Home? By Julia Winkler (B.Eng.), Prof. Dr. Michael Kroedel, Marketa Sidlikova (M.Sc. in Finance)   Smart Home is “in”. Networking your own four walls is becoming easier and more user-friendly than ever with the increasing number of corresponding end devices and professional system s...
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    La lutte pour le pouvoir des protocoles d’automatisation des bâtiments intelligents

    LoRa et EnOcean représentent deux approches différentes dans la sélection de normes radio aux fins d’automatisation et de commande des bâtiments. Laquelle convient le mieux à vos applications de smart building ? Auteur : Pete Smith, chef des ventes et du marketing chez iaconnects Le protocole LoRa (associé à l’implémentation de son réseau éte...
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    Les normes radio pour l’immotique intelligente

    Vous avez l’embarras du choix lorsque vous devez sélectionner une norme radio pour le contrôle automatique et la commande des bâtiments. Laquelle convient le mieux à vos applications ? par Pete Smith, chef des ventes et du marketing chez iaconnect Les deux normes radio les plus populaires pour l’immotique sont Zigbee et le protocole radio EnO...

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    EnOcean Alliance Content Offensive 2022: A lot to discover

    San Ramon, CA – 21.06.2022. With more than 400 members worldwide, the EnOcean Alliance is one of the most successful alliances in the area of energy monitoring and control, utilization optimization as well as health & wellness improvement. The open non-profit organization supports its members with tailor-made, agnostic materials and content for...
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    Visit us at Hannover Messe 2022!

    San Ramon, CA – 11.05.2022. Hannover Messe International (HMI) 2022 is the world’s leading industry trade fair and a source of inspiration for a globally and digitally networked industry. Under the guiding theme of Industrial Transformation, the event showcases game-changing solutions and technologies that are disrupting and transforming the ...
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    EnOcean Alliance at IoT Solutions World Congress 2022: Join Us!

    San Ramon, CA – 04.05.2022. IOTSWC 2022 showcases the game-changing solutions and technologies that are disrupting and transforming the industry and celebrates the business and technology executives creating a powerful competitive advantage. From May 10th to 12th, EnOcean Alliance and selected members will demonstrate the benefits of the interopera...
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    EnOcean Alliance at Nordbygg 2022: Smart wireless solutions for energy-efficient, healthier and safer building environments

    San Ramon, CA – April 5th, 2022. Nordbygg is the Nordic region’s largest meeting place for the building and construction industry and gathers around 48 000 visitors every other year from the building sector in Sweden, but also from the rest of Scandinavia, The Baltic states, and Europe. From April 26 – 29th, EnOcean Alliance and...
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    EnOcean Alliance Partners with Germany’s Sustainability Leaders

    A new « 50 Global Sustainability & Climate Leaders » programme demonstrates how the leading companies in Germany are relying on EnOcean technology to deliver carbon-neutral strategies. The campaign offers a platform for companies to provide sustainable and green solutions, and thus campaign against climate change. San Ramo...

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