Intelligent Water Valve

The all new Intelligent Water Flow Valve prevents leaks, installs in minutes and is self-powered! Save BIG!

The all new valve prevents leaks in tank-filled toilets, saving you money, and helping stop the waste of water! In the U.S. alone, we waste over 1 TRILLION gallons of water per year. With nearly 30% of the water flowing into your space going down the toilet, there’s a lot of water that can be saved. This not only saves you money based on the water coming in, but also the sewage tax coming out! Throw in a Tiered pricing structure from your utility company, and it becomes pretty clear how one can save 10-20% on their water bill!

  • Product No. M9-IWV
  • Manufacturer Magnumfirst
  • Category Accessories, Accessories Misc., Mechanical Energy Harvesters, Technology Platform, Water Sensor
  • Frequency Frequency independent