Versteckdose (Hidden Socket) with EnOcean switch

There is also a socket behind almost every light switch. This applies especially to users of the EnOcean building automation system. For EnOcean the Hidden Socket with the EnOcean switch opens up this dual function as a retrofit on existing switches. The best thing about it is: the socket obtained is discreetly concealed by the wireless switch and is only visible when in use.

Smart switching and control today works via radio and without cables. With the Hidden Socket as a clever switch-socket combination, when retrofitting your existing switches, you can use the cables that become free for an additional socket and switch or control your building functions with this EnOcean switch.

A light switch that releases the socket
The Hidden Socket has a patented mechanical opening support. To trigger this push-to-open, a light pressure on the frame is sufficient and the radio switch moves up automatically. To close, simply press down again into the closed position.

Battery-free and therefore maintenance-free switching
The combination of an integrated energy converter and energy-efficient radio technology enables a wireless switch to be used without batteries and therefore without maintenance.

Operate your building functions using keys
All four switching points of this switch can be freely configured with functions of the EnOcean system, e.g. with switching and control functions such as switching and dimming lighting, controlling blinds, (de)activating alarm systems … etc.