ALADIN blind receiver / STAK-STAS Hirschmann, 230V / 300635

For blinds, shutters, awnings / 1 motor

Blind radio receiver with connection STAK3 / STAS3 for controlling blinds, shutters and awnings and other electrical consumers (1 motor). The installation can be done in a simple way in the shutter box (note possible radio shielding by metal). The radio receiver can be individually controlled by various ALADIN transmitters or KNX gateways and assigned different functions and parameters (up to 10 different settings). Several transmitters (also with different functions) can be assigned to the receiver. The teach-in takes place when the voltage is switched on. The receiver has repeater function and status display of active output. The receiver can also be controlled by transmitters with the latest Secure encryption. Swiss Made


  • 2-button function with lamella adjustment
  • On/down/stop with lamella adjustment 120s (standard)
  • On/down/stop with lamella adjustment 300s
  • On/down/stop with lamella adjustment 120s (inverse button control)
  • On/down/stop with lamella adjustment 300s (inverse button control)
  • On/down/stop without slat adjustment (roller shutter/markiese) 120s
  • On/down/stop without slat adjustment (roller shutter/markiese) 120S (inverse button control
  • AUT/STOP/STOP – Top order/button 0
  • On/down/stop – one
  • Up/down – pulse command (press during ride) 120s
  • Repeater function also adjustable
  • All function can be adjusted via radio button when switching on the voltage
  • Status display of the active output
  • Both channels are mutually locked
  • In the event of a voltage, a self -test takes place, the programming is retained

Application area:

  • For all engines with Hirschmann plug Stak3/StAS3
  • For blind
  • For roller shutters
  • For tanning gates / awning
  • For roof windows
  • Can simply be installed in the roller shutter box (roller shutter female or electrician), plug -in
  • Control: for 1 engine
  • Product No. 300635
  • Manufacturer Flextron
  • Category Actuator / Relay Receiver
  • Frequency 868 MHz (ASK): Europe, China
  • RX-EEP F6-02-02, F6-10-00, D5-00-01, A5-04-01, A5-04-02, A5-04-03, A5-06-01, A5-06-02, A5-06-03, A5-07-01, A5-07-02, A5-07-03, A5-08-01, A5-08-02, A5-08-03, A5-38-08, A5-11-01, A5-11-04, D2-01-01, A5-13-01, A5-13-07, D2-03-00, D2-14-40, D2-14-41, F6-04-01
  • TX-EEP D2-01-01
  • Certification Certified Level 2