PTM 202 – Toggle Switch Transmitter Module (868 MHz)

The toggle switch transmitter module PTM 202 enables the setup of intuitive and easy to use self-powered switches. PTM 202 module is powered by an electro-dynamic generator and therefore maintenance-free. It can be combined with existing PTM 210 switch designs (55 mm standard insert).

PTM 202 is designed to enable wireless switches with focus on retrofit and smart buildings. Products based on PTM 202 can also be used in hermetically sealed systems or in remote (not easily accessible) locations. The module is designed for single rocker applications.

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Watch the video to find out more about the PTM 202 module.



  • Manufacturer EnOcean GmbH
  • Category Wall Switch, Wireless Switches
  • Frequency 868 MHz (ASK): Europe, China
  • TX-EEP F6-02-01
  • Certification Certified Level 3, Certified Platform Level 3