EnOcean Easyclickpro flush-mounting receiver for blinds/shutters, with position detection

In addition to the bidirectional functions, the Easyclick receiver variant features position detection that can record and acknowledge the running times of shutters and blinds. Positions can then be visualised e.g. on the handheld transmitter D 450 FU-HS 128. The running times of the receivers are synchronised automatically when they reach their UP/DOWN end positions. The bidirectional Easyclick JR receiver can not only receive radio signals, but also transmits back its status every time it changes. For instance, the top/bottom end position of a shutter/blind can be depicted as a virtual image and visualised e.g. on the handheld transmitter D 450 FU-HS 128. The Easyclick receiver is designed to regulate shutters and blinds.
A range of functions and parameters can be selected:
• two-key operation UP/STOP/DOWN with slat adjust (standard function blind)
• two-key operation UP/STOP/DOWN w/o slat adjust (standard function shutter)
• jog mode (ON/OFF)
• one-key operation UP/STOP/DOWN
• safety lock for maintenance work
• automatic ON/OFF
• sun sensor / twilight sensor / wind sensor / rain sensor
• 4 possible positions TOP/BOTTOM for lighting scenes • lockout protection with window contact / window handle
• A function can be defined individually for each of the max 32 programmed transmitters
• Integrated repeater functions (1 level / 2 level) can be switched ON for each project, irrespectively of the set functions
• Separate preassigned functions and parameters when e.g. window contacts and window handles are being programmed

Technical data:
Own consumption: < 0.5 W (bistable relays)
Transmit frequency: 868.3 MHz
Voltage supply: 100–240 Vac/ 50–60 Hz
Neutral conductor: required
Ambient temperature: -20 °C to +40 °C
Storage temperature: -40 °C to +85 °C
Plugin terminals: max 1 x 1.5 mm²
Housing height: 28 mm
Rating: IP 20
Mounting lugs: for screwing down in switch sockets
Approvals: CE; KEMA/KEUR
Connecting data: I max 1.6 A

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  • Product No. D 452 FU-EBIM JR o.T. (00366576)
  • Manufacturer Honeywell PEHAhttp://www.peha.de
  • Category Actuator / Relay Receiver, Receivers & Controllers
  • Field Of Use Lighting
  • Frequency 868 MHz (ASK): Europe, China
  • RX-EEP A5-11-03, A5-38-08
  • Certification Certified 2.0