EnOcean Alliance to exhibit at Realcomm 2019: Self-powered wireless solutions driving forward the digitalization of intelligent buildings

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The organization will be showing their latest IoT solutions for seamlessly connected and interoperable smart buildings.

San Ramon, CA/Nashville, TN – April 29, 2019 Realcomm is the leading conference focused on the topic of technology, innovation and automation for the Commercial and Corporate Real Estate and Facilities industries. On June 13 and 14, a number of EnOcean Alliance members – including IBM, Microsoft, Distech Controls, EnOcean Inc., KMC, Molex and Titanium Intelligent Solutions – will be showing their latest solutions for intelligent and cognitive buildings.

IoT data in real time 

The demand for smart building management systems is growing steadily, since work areas within the company that are not well organized or seldom used are becoming more and more difficult to justify financially. The Internet of Things makes it possible to create a digital twin, which represents building spaces and work spaces in the virtual world. Companies are currently investing heavily in modern, attractive work environments for their staff and in flexible concepts for new ways of working. They want to motivate their employees for many years to come and at the same time ensure high productivity and improve efficiency in their management practices. Using maintenance free wireless sensors based on the EnOcean wireless standard (ISO/IEC 14543-3-11), data can be provided in real time via an IoT gateway to IoT cloud platforms such as IBM Watson or Microsoft Azure where the data is analyzed, whilst a dashboard visualizes the results for decision-makers. The interoperable EnOcean ecosystem also provides seamless interfaces to common Smart Home solutions such as Apple®HomeKit™ and the open source software framework IoTivity (sponsored by the Open Connectivity Foundation, OCF).

Perfect fit with energy-saving building automation systems

“The key advantages of wireless control are the ease of upgrading existing buildings and expanding a system at any time. Wireless control systems can even provide greater installation flexibility if units within the system do not require dedicated cabling or batteries for power. Energy harvesting wireless sensors, switches and controls therefore perfectly fit in with the sustainable characteristics of energy-saving building automation systems. This makes EnOcean the most important wireless standard for maintenance-free applications for building automation and the IoT,” says Graham Martin, CEO and Chairman of the EnOcean Alliance.

The EnOcean Alliance offers the benefit of a broad, proven ecosystem of 5,000 interoperable multi-vendor sensors and actuators for intelligent buildings, widely proven in over 1,000,000 buildings worldwide. These easy to install and maintenance free solutions help optimize the utilization of buildings, create new service models and make buildings more flexible, energy-efficient and cost-effective 

The EnOcean standard in practice

At the EnOcean Alliance booth (#1805), EnOcean Inc. and Molex will be presenting their solutions for intelligent buildings and IoT solutions. Additional members of the EnOcean Alliance exhibiting at Realcomm 2019 include: IBM, Microsoft, Distech Controls and KMC.

About EnOcean Alliance

Leading companies worldwide from the building sector formed the EnOcean Alliance to establish innovative maintenance-free wireless solutions for the Internet of Things, which are used for automation solutions for sustainable building projects – making buildings more energy-efficient, more flexible and more cost effective. The core technology of the Alliance is energy harvesting wireless technology for flexibly positioned and service-free sensor solutions. The EnOcean Alliance aims to internationalize the energy harvesting wireless technology, and is dedicated to creating interoperability between the products of OEM partners. Basis for this is the international standard ISO/IEC 14543-3-11, which is optimized for wireless solutions with ultra-low power consumption and energy harvesting. More than 400 companies currently belong to the EnOcean Alliance. The headquarters of the non-profit organization is located in San Ramon, California.




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