Hyperaware Smart Buildings with EnOcean and Aruba

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Hewlett Packard’s Aruba has joined the EnOcean Alliance as a participant member. When used together, the Aruba Wi-Fi infrastructure and EnOcean energy harvesting wireless solutions enable customers to create hyperaware smart buildings that are cognizant of, and responsive to, their changing operating environment and occupant needs.

The simplicity of the solution makes it now possible for the facility, IT and other managers to easily and immediately add services, collecting data from “peel and stick” sensors across an entire building without pulling any new cables nor ever having to change a battery.

• Please read our white paper or watch the video to learn more about the design of hyperaware smart buildings.

The EnOcean IoT Starter Kits for Europe and North America allow a quick and easy start into the new era of hyperaware smart buildings.
Unboxing the IoT Starter Kit video
Getting started video
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