EnOcean Easyclick miniature handheld, black, 4 channels

The Easyclick mini handheld transmitter is designed to switch and dim lights, open and close shutters, and adjust blinds. It can operate batteryless at any location within the range. For instance, homecomers can open the garage door and activate the welcome scene. The small and ergonomic mini handheld transmitter in the sealed housing features four buttons for remote control. Two-button operation makes use of the pairs A/B and C/D.

Housing colour: black
Button colour: grey
Weight approx 50 g
Measurements: W 50 mm x L 82 mm x H 21 mm.

  • Product No. D 450 FU-HS4 (00364113)
  • Manufacturer Honeywell PEHAhttp://www.peha.de
  • Category Remote Switch, Wireless Switches
  • Frequency 868 MHz (ASK): Europe, China
  • TX-EEP F6-02-01
  • Certification Certified Level 3