EnOcean Easyclickpro room temperature sensor NOVA, pure white, with day/night switch

Easyclick room temperature sensor with solar energy storage for recording temperatures and adjusting local setpoints in individual rooms, with integrated temperature sensor and rotary knob for setpoint adjusts; the batteryless room temperature sensor transmits the measured values to the receiver item no. D 451 FU-E RTR o.T.and the Easyclick modular system.

Technical data:
Technology: EnOcean (IEC 14543-3-10)
Frequency: 868 MHz
EnOcean profile: EEP A5-10-06
Power supply: solar cell, internal super cap, maintenance free, optional: backup battery CR1632
Temperature recording: Range 0 to +40 °C
Absolute precision typ. ±0.4 K (typ. at 21°C)
Measuring interval: WakeUp time = 100 sec. (default)
Transmission interval: immediately by keystroke or slide switch after 10 sec., every 100 sec. at change >0,8 K or >5°angle of rotation (Set point), otherwise every 1000 sec.
Slide switch (MS): 0/I, day/night
Rating: IP 20 according to EN 60529
Ambient temperature: -25 to 65 °C, max. 85% rH non-condensing
Weight: 45g
Minimum illuminance: 200 lux (min 3–4 hours daily)
Mounting: to be mounted flat onto the surface using adhesive foil or screws
Colour: white
Surface: glossy

  • Product No. D 20.450.022 FU-RTR MS (00313726)
  • Manufacturer Honeywell PEHAhttp://www.peha.de
  • Category Temperature Sensor, Wireless Sensors
  • Frequency 868 MHz (ASK): Europe, China
  • TX-EEP A5-10-06
  • Certification Certified Level 2