EasySens® STC-DO Light

Bidirectional flush-mounted receiving actuator using EnOcean switch telegrams for lighting applications (e.g. light on/off, staircase function, twilight switch, etc.). The functions can be parameterised via a programming button.

  • Manufacturer Thermokonhttp://www.thermokon.de
  • Category Actuator / Relay Receiver, Receivers & Controllers
  • Frequency 868 MHz (ASK): Europe, China
  • RX-EEP F6-02-02, F6-03-02, F6-04-01, F6-10-00, D5-00-01, A5-06-02, A5-07-01, A5-08-01, A5-08-02, A5-08-03, A5-38-08, A5-38-09, A5-3F-00
  • TX-EEP A5-11-04, A5-30-02, D2-01-08
  • Certification Certified Level 2