The Italian “Superbonus 110%” Economic Recovery Program – A Golden Opportunity for Energy-Efficient Technology!

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Buildings are the biggest energy consumers of all and account for >40% of global energy consumption (compared with approx. 30% for industry and 30% for transport). New Italian legislation now aims to boost the economy by providing financial incentives promoting sustainability and improving energy efficiency, especially in older residential properties. The COVID-19 economic recovery program will strongly support a shift towards energy-efficient solutions by allowing for the tax deduction of up to 110% of the costs incurred for several years.

The new “Relaunch Decree” legislation is effective as of July 2020 and valid until the end of 2021 (although the Italian Government is now considering extending its validity until the end of 2024). It adds attractiveness and extends fiscal detraction to 110% when building automation systems are installed in conjunction with other, more extensive works aiming to reduce energy consumption within the same building.

Please read our newest white paper to learn more about the new Italian legislation and the opportunities it brings for energy-efficient building automation technology. The document is available in English, Italian and German.