Self-powered Wireless Sensor Solutions for Sustainable Buildings

No wires. No batteries. No limits.

Self-powered wireless sensors and switches using EnOcean wireless standard are ideal for sustainable building applications. Powered by motion, light or heat, no cables or batteries are required for switching or for collecting sensor information such as temperature, water sensing or presence detection. Self-powered wireless sensor networks save resources by using fewer cables and eliminating the need for batteries. However, battery-powered devices can be costly as batteries need to be regularly replaced, can harm the environment and must be disposed of properly. Self-powered wireless sensors and actuators can directly communicate with each other and/or they can be controlled by a room controller/gateway to the cloud for applications that require remote sensing and control via PC or smart phones.

Self-powered Wireless Switches and Sensors for Sustainable Buildings

Building Automation

Smart Home

Energy Harvesting Wireless Switches

Energy harvesting switches use kinetic energy for switching applications in buildings and the Internet of Things.

Energy Harvesting Wireless Sensors

Solar-powered energy harvesting sensors monitor and sense the environment to transmit this data to a wireless node.


Wireless transceiver modules and products receive sensor data and transmit values to other devices.

Energy Harvesting Wireless Sensor Solutions

Advantages at a glance

Flexible and maintenance-free sensor solutions

Energy-efficient solutions

Cost and time savings in installation, maintenance and renovation

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