EasySens® STC-MSG server

The STC-MSG Server is a wireless controlled heating/cooling circuit controller and designed for evaluation of wireless room sensors with control of up to 8 / 16 SAB EasySens® actuators. For efficient energy saving a time switch is integrated. Furthermore, it is possible to make use of the function “energy stop” by seamlessly connecting a wireless window contact SRW0x and wireless window handle SRG0x, i.e. if the window is opened, the SAB closes the valves. Parameterisation of the individual functions is made via an easy to handle configuration menu.

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  • Manufacturer Thermokonhttp://www.thermokon.de
  • Category Receivers & Controllers, Room Controller
  • Field Of Use HVAC
  • Frequency 902 MHz: USA, Canada
  • RX-EEP A5-20-01, A5-09-04, A5-20-12, A5-02-05, A5-10-01, A5-10-02, A5-10-03, A5-10-04, A5-10-05, A5-10-06, A5-10-0C, A5-04-01, A5-10-10, A5-10-11, A5-10-12, A5-10-13, A5-07-01, A5-08-01, A5-30-01, D5-00-01, F6-10-00, F6-01-01, F6-02-01, F6-02-02, F6-02-03, F6-04-01
  • Certification Certified 2.0